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Monthly Artist Spotlight;

Progressive psychedelic melodic rock band;


Just when progressive rock seemed to be deluged with classics, Caverns rise up and challenge the genre going for broke by pushing all of the stereotypes to the next level, says Read Junk. As far as legendary rock/psychedelic bands such as Chili Peppers/Pink Floyd have come, Caverns goes one step further, pushing the limitations of their own unique brand of varied musical styling not only with trippy riffs, smoothly blended with lyrics that thrust you to another dimension, but a tremendous amount of musicality to radiate their messages of positivity to another level.

when asked about their 'dream' collaboration...

Caverns responded with: 'It started with a tab of acid, James Brown and Pavarotti in a live studio backed by a full Gamelan Orchestra. Then with one press of the recording button it was all captured. They imagined listening back in an edo period style hot tub filled with one hundred yellow rubber duckies complimented by the lingering essence of amaretto. The final touch would be printing the masters having never listened and shooting the singles into space to forever orbit pluto. '

pre-activation artist photo series

Leading up to our event with Caverns performing, Lab of Love, Collabarét produced a photo series campaign to announce the headlining acts and generate buzz around the activation. We collaborated with in-network photographer, Zayira Ray to capture each of our artists using the venue as backdrop while creating unique and playful storylines. Here are the shots we got of Caverns.

band members

Nicola Wincenc

( vocals / guitar )

Chris Colton

( Keys, Synths )

Matt Michael

( Bass )