Indómita: A Celebration for International Women's Day 2020


Indómita: A Celebration for International Women's Day 2020

March 8, 2020
198 Allen Street


Indómita: een•doh•meeta

adjective. 1. Untamed, ungoverned, wild

Join Collabarét this Sunday March 8th to celebrate all women for International Women's Day 2020. We will transform the 198 Allen Street blank canvas with an open gallery featuring female powered artists. It will be a unique opportunity to explore the space and dive deep into heritage inspired storytelling with each of our artists as they exhibit their pieces.

Curation led by Silverio Castillo, a fine artist born and raised in New York City.

Meet the artists:

Amandla Baraka: Photographer / Director

Amandla Baraka is a self-taught Director and Photographer raised in Montclair, NJ with strong roots in Newark, New Jersey.

Now based in Brooklyn, NY — Amandla got her start with Fashion photography which eventually transformed into Fashion filmmaking. She spent a year directing short video content for Pyer Moss before she was hired to direct the "Focus Breathe-In" Global Adidas campaign. Shortly after that, she was hired to direct two music videos for RCA signed artist, Wesson Desir. She's also just recently produced 3 visualizers and a music video with the band Salt Cathedral.

IG: @totheppl

Ángel Tirado : Artist

Photography changes what we want, see, do, are, remember, and where we go. My work is intentional in a way that stresses inclusive representation of the human form in efforts to ensure that the viewer sees themselves in my work. I have been engaged in longterm film, photo, and silk screen printing projects exploring sociological boundaries and allyship amongst different communities of people. Through the lens of my camera I push to convey empowerment of women and softness of the male form without emasculation.

Angel Tirado artist name Miguelfingr is a Brooklyn based artist exhibiting works locally and in Virginia where she was raised. She currently works as a freelance artist in the greater metropolitan NYC area.

IG: @angmigfin

Laura Ciriaco : Photographer

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in The Bronx, analog and digital portrait photographer, Laura Ciriaco, is able to create imagery and conceptual works founded on the intention to empower notions of identity.

Ciriaco focuses her subject matter on femininity and personal narrative, documenting women from a scope that genuinely elevates, redefining social expectations capable of wrongfully influencing identity development. Through exploration of mediums such as film and writing to help further creative expression, Ciriaco is translating her visions of her experience as an immigrant artist evolving in New York City. Ciriaco has been able to use the medium as a therapeutic tool to further understand her mental health and provide a healing experience for her subjects. Ciriaco seeks to portray her contemporary Dominican women subjects through a lens that opposes the gender constructs she’s witnessed in her cultural upbringing. She uses conceptual themes such as her recent series, RED, to thread together the illustration of color and fragments of womanhood in her visionary narrative.

IG: @woooptywuuu

Sarah Zhu : Artist

"Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it."

-r.h. sin

Being raised in a culturally creative family has blessed me with powerful women in my life who have pushed boundaries for me to embrace my artistic talents. I have been enthralled with my grandmother's past as a film makeup artist; spending days listening to tales of how she spent hours practicing her painting on an actor's face. Meanwhile, my mother had grown up as a working musician playing the chinese instrument pi ba in orchestras of opera theaters. Both women have pushed aside their artistry to raise me in a foreign country.

As first generation, these women have paved way for me to hone the skills I developed to give me the opportunity to make it in the world they left their home country for. They have taught me how to love unconditionally with my art and the power it has to translate my voice.

Sarah is a native New Yorker, graduating with an Associates in Fine Arts and a Bachelors in Art History & Museum Professions at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Originally a painter, Sarah now blends her paintings, graphic design, and photography into a mixture of mediums. Sarah's evolution in her craft has allowed her to expand her artistic reach in different areas of creative elements. Currently, she resides in Brooklyn, New York to further her career in her artistic talents and cultural business

IG: @zhuvenile

Silverio Castillo: Artist / Indómita Curator

The work for this show takes a critical view of the political, social, and cultural climate we are living in today. As a first generation American, I come from a strong breed of Latina women. My great grandmother Maria was the first to migrate from a small village in the Dominican Republic, to the Lower East Side in 1965. There she would work as a seamstress, which would play a huge factor in my love for making things. The women in my family have overcome so much to give future generations a chance to live a life of true freedom, something I do not take lightly. I painted this series as a reminder to myself and all of the women in my life, we as women hold so much magic and power within. Now is the time to speak, now is the time to celebrate those who made it possible for us to be here today. It is important now more than ever to rally together and share these stories within our communities. Thousands of years later, Art still remains a strong contender of how we share our thoughts and ideas. My belief is the world does not change in an instant, but through art and community, spread slowly into our everyday thoughts and choices.

Silverio Castillo is a Fine Artist born and raised in New York City and trained at The Fashion Institute of Technology. Silverio blends contemporary and classical mediums to empower and elevate Women through text and imagery. Her goal is to share the stories of her community through the lens of a first generation Dominican American Woman. Currently freelancing in Brooklyn, Silverio's work today ranges from traditional fine art, to textile and streetwear.

IG: @pvssy.pow3r

Thank you to our partners who make this possible!

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