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A Case Study;

Lab of Love

featuring 20+ emerging artist;


Ideal Glass Studios is an artist-run film & TV production studio comprised of creative venues in the East and West Villages. They recognized artists were rapidly migrating to Brooklyn in search of opportunity and inspiration and to combat that, Ideal Glass decided to reach out to Collabarét to ideate and activate a live art experience that would encourage creative communities to venture back to Manhattan. Our teams shared a collective vision to produce a one-of-a-kind pop up event by transforming The Atrium, Ideal Glass Studio’s industrial warehouse space, located in the heart of Greenwich Village.


Collabarét activated an immersive evening that

re-imagined the 5,000 sq ft warehouse into a modern day labyrinth. Taking inspiration from the West Village, historically known for its artistic residents and alternative culture, Collabaret curated a full sensory experience that motivated audience engagement through curiosity, progressive conversation and

multi-floor interaction. We featured 20+ artists tasked to translate the six definitions of mythological love

( eros, ludus, agape, philia, pragma and philautia ) through live music, visual art, poetry, new media installations, tarot card readings, immersive theatre and choreographed performance.

The full Lab of Love multi-disciplinary lineup:

Musicians: Caverns, Helen Denham, Sara Kendall, Jaq Qzada, Fireware, new media artists: Erin Ko and Vishaal Ravikumaar, visual artists: Katherine Boxall, Laura Magbee, Alexander Hayden, and ABDB Designs; tattoos by Lucius Chen; choreographed performances: Styles Alexander, Rachel Kuntz and Spleen Factory Collective (Paris, France)

pre-activation artist photo series

Leading up to Lab of Love, Collabarét produced a photo series campaign to announce the headlining acts and generate buzz around the activation. We collaborated with in-network photographer, Zayira Ray to capture each of our artists using the venue as backdrop while creating unique and playful storylines.

what we did

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Talent Programming

key visuals

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