Imagine an immersive evening of multidisciplinary
artists breaking creative silos.

​Imagine an experience fueled by curiosity and conversation.

​Imagine a full sensory showcase provoking
unique perspective.

Enter a world just outside your comfort zone where surprise is redesigned and building authentic connection is just the beginning.

Cue Collabarét.

Founders Story

The founders, Rachel, Madison and Christy were raised in Atlanta and connected through the arts. When they took a middle school trip to New York City, they instantly fell in love. At that moment, ignited by the endless inspiration, the three best friends made a pact to one day move to the big apple and pursue their passions. Upon arriving they were sad to see the city they admired as young girls had lost a bit of its wonder. The authentic creative energy that motivated their move was no easy feat to find. What they craved was underground art parties, pop-up performances and full sensory showcases, which were seemingly displaced to deeper boroughs.​ So the three sat on their velvet couch in their Alphabet City apartment determined to bring back the old Manhattan. With this mission at their core, complimentary skills and endless conversations, an idea was sparked.​ It's their love for culture, spontaneity, people, art and entertainment that bonded their friendship and it's this same passion that drives Collabarét today.